The lessons I have learnt in the last 20 Months.

At the start of the pandemic my mind was in free fall.

I had to close my business of 21 years.

Things weren’t looking good.

To cut a long story short. I decided to change career.

Was this easy?


The responsibility of corporates to get it right.

No one could argue that we are going through an enormous shift in regards to how we operate in business. Never before has industry had to find a way forward, at such speed.

The world has been in a corporate whirlwind and…

Communicating effectively in business.

International business and the organisations within it are going through what some describe as “creative destruction.”

The pandemic has brought many challenges.

This is a time of great change and the way we communicate in our working life could affect us for years to come. Organisational…

Are you stuck in the middle lane?

In the beginning:

Your vision to work in a dynamic workplace was strong. You imagined being introduced to exciting opportunities and a varied mix of new international people. This of course would take time and hard work, but you were up for the…

How to advance your communication skills and further your career development.

by Andrea Sharp

In my time as a Business English Coach I’ve heard many clients describe their prior learning journey and experience in working within global companies.

One client was advised to avoid idioms because it ‘might confuse other…

The problem with focusing on #grammar

by Andrea Sharp

What was your first experience of learning English? For most it was at school and the experience and outcome is varied, depending on the student and their learning style.

Many have no formal language training at all. I came into language…

Andrea Sharp

Business English coach and consultant.

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